Top 5 Benefits Of The Private Cloud

What used to be only for elite tech enterprises is now widely available—but should you switch? Is your company considering the move to a private cloud? There are good reasons. Private clouds used to be only for elite tech enterprises. Today, they’re found …

3 types of private clouds: Which one’s right for you?

Forrester Research describes the Infrastructure-as-a-Service private cloud industry as healthy, growing and “intensely competitive.” “Customers no longer question cloud computing
 as a viable technology choice,” writes Forrester senior analyst Lauren Nelson in a recent report. “And in a growing number of enterprises, …

7 Hybrid Cloud Backup And Business Continuity Mistakes

Avoid these pitfalls when using hybrid cloud to protect your data. Hybrid cloud backup and business continuity initiatives have quickly evolved from bleeding-edge solutions to pragmatic programs due to their many benefits.  And yet, with even the best technologies, it’s possible to …

Top 3 Cloud Backup Solutions for Mac

The emergence of cloud technology has seen a considerable increase in demand for online storage over traditional storage options, such as the portable hard disks and backup solutions. The shift to cloud backup is primarily due to the improved security and flexible …
Hybrid Cloud Computing: A clever idea to stick to

Hybrid Cloud Computing: A clever idea to stick to

There are three main forms of cloud computing. Of particular interest is Hybrid Cloud Computing, for which this article focuses on. Imran. Cloud computing is the latest raging trend in the world of Information Technology. It has completely transformed the way businesses …
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